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“Minimal beauty, Mixsoon! - Healthy skin starts with good ingredients!”

The name Mixsoon is a word combination of 'mix -- collaboration' and 'soon(純) -- pure ingredient'. A harmonious collaboration of nature and beauty.

Since its founding in 2020 the brand stands for minimalism and eliminating the unnecessary for our skin, with a focus on the core ingredients. 

Mixsoon's products are 100% free from animal testing and animal ingredients. In addition, the company is constantly looking for environmentally friendly packaging that is easy to recycle.

Mixsoon uses the best ingredients that they have tested for years and a special extraction method is used to preserve the best quality of the raw material. After all, the quality of the ingredients is the key to high quality beauty and skin care.


"72 hours high-frequency low-temperature extraction", Mixsoon's special extraction method:
- When extracted at high temperatures, the color of the extract is dark, but effective ingredients are destroyed and harmful ingredients are released, making an extract as ineffective as water.

- When extracting at low temperatures with high frequencies, the active ingredients of the raw material can be preserved as much as possible. (The low temperature and high frequency extraction method takes much more time than the hydrothermal extraction method)

Mixsoon's popular Bean Essence was quickly classified as "The Most Popular Facial Essence/Serum" in an online pre-launch of Olive Young (Korea's most famous Health & Beauty store).

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