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Natural vs. synthetic

Natural skincare: refers to products that only work with ingredients that occur in nature. Often associated as clean and safe for the skin.

Synthetic / chemical ingredients: refers to ingredients that has been created in a laboratory. Often associated as ingredients that are bad for humans.

MYTH: "Natural products are better for the skin and the environment."
FACT: "Not everything that occurs in nature is suitable for humans, and by modulating / creating it in a lab, we can reduce the damage on our skin and in some cases also lessen the burden on the planet."

As humans we are allergic to some organisms in nature. For example, plants that are toxic to us upon contact or ingestion. But the same plant can contain certain substances that can work very well for us, so once processed, it can do well on our skin.

Synthetic or chemical ingredients are developed in a lab and it often starts with the 'stripping' of a natural organism. By extracting the active components and leaving out the toxins, "new" ingredients are developed that do not occur in nature.

In fact, everything around us is a chemical, including ourselves, so why not in our skincare?

Both natural and synthetic ingredients have the chance to trigger an allergy on our skin and irritate it. However, it is about finding a balance and to see which ingredients and combinations do or do not work for you, rather than see things in black and white.