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Applications and handlings

You may have set up a reasonably good routine by now, but yet you only notice few improvements. In addition to finding the right products and routine, it often has to do with the right combination of applications.

Do you use a clean towel for drying your face or rather using your hands? Are you waiting too long or too short before continuing with the next step? - If you recognize yourself in these questions, then take a look at the list below.



1. Clean your face in the evening before you step into the shower!
The heat in your bathroom has the effect of a sauna which will melt the bad mixture of oil, dirt and makeup, making this possible to clogging your pores. -- If you still prefer to wash your face in the shower... Make sure you've already used a makeup remover / oil-based cleanser before you have warmed up the bathroom. Make sure to apply your oil-based cleanser on dry skin and with dry hands, because oil and water don't mixt!


2. Prevent wrinkle forming and irritations, avoid too many frictions on the face!
By allowing the water-based cleanser to foam on your hands, you will prevent friction on your face which possibly will irritate the skin and accelerate wrinkle forming.

If you use a cleansing tool such as a cleansing pad, brush or cloth, make sure it is gentle enough for the skin and renew it regularly!


3. Skip the makeup wipes!
Makeup wipes can be an easy solution after a long day to quickly cleanse your face, but do not end your cleansing routine here!

These wipes are often rough on the skin and due to the friction you will notice that the skin gets irritated. The wipes often do not remove enough dirt and makeup so you will just automatically start rubbing harder on your face (and this will create fine lines).

Make sure when using makeup wipes that you gently sweep over the face, and do not rub. Therefore, first place the (folded) cloth on the areas where a lot of makeup is located, such as eyes and lips, and then gently wipe it away.

But the best thing is of course to skip these wipes and go for a makeup remover / oil-based cleanser which cleanses many times better and is more gentle to the skin!


4. Skip the towel!
Often, towels will stay in a damp bathroom, which is a great breeding ground for bacteria, and that is exactly what you do not want on your freshly cleansed face! Therefore use a soft tissue to dab the water from your face. And even better / more ecologi(/ecnomi)cal, use your clean hands to get the water from your face!

If you still want to use a towel, make sure you change it daily. And only use the towel to dap your face to dry, never rub!


The application

1. Toners
Is it a very liquid toner (often exfoliating  and low pH toners)? Then you can best apply it in combination with a cotton pad.

Essence toner
Is the toner a bit thicker and more gel-like (often essence toners)? Then it would be best to put a few drops directly on your palms and dab it on face. To enhance the hydrating and nourishing effect.

Do you use both? Then start with the most liquid + cotton pad and then continue with the thicker so that the skin can "drink" it.


2. Light textures: essence / serum / ampoule / emulsion
Take a small amount (1 ~ 2 drops / pump) of these liquid products on the palms and apply to face. Then use the palms to dap them in until it is absorbed.

Sometimes these products come in handy drippers so you can drip them directly on the 'trouble-areas' for a targeted treatment.

facial oil
Take a few drops on the hands to warm it up and then massage it on face. Use this moment to give yourself a facial massage.


3. Cream-like textures: lotion / cream
These "solid" textures can best be dotted on the face (cheeks, forehead, nose) first, and then be tapped in for absorption.

4. Sunscreen
Apply this in the morning after the moisturizer, before makeup. Most sun protections consist of a combination of mineral and chemical filters. The chemical filters on the skin only take effect after about 10 minutes, this is often indicated on the packaging. Therefore, wait a while after applying sunscreen before you go outside.

Because the UV filters will be absorbed in the skin or washed away by sweat, it is adviced to protect yourself again every 2 hours. Re-applying sunscreen can be a bit more difficult on top of makeup. But there are enough solutions to re-apply SPF on a face with makeup. Think of light textures, powder form, SPF spray, or use a cushion / sponge...
Don't let that stop you when it comes to sun protection.

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