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No makeup, no double cleansing

Double cleansing: a cleansing ritual where you first start with an oil-based cleanser / makeup remover and then continue with a water-based cleanser. Often this is applied in the evening, but it is also recommended in the morning for people with oily skin and / or with acne problems.

MYTH: "I don't wear any makeup, so I don't have to double cleanse."
FACT: "We double-cleanse not only to remove makeup."

Our skin often, if not daily, has to deal with exhaust from cars, fine dust, sweat, sunscreen and makeup. These leave a layer of bad oils on the skin that you cannot remove with water. Simply because water and oil do not mix!


By starting your cleansing ritual with a cleanser that can melt these bad oils, our water-based cleanser can better do its job. Which is keeping your pores clean.


Picture this

Layer 1 - bad oils (exhaust etc.)
Layer 2 - toxins, dirt
Layer 3 - skin surface 
Layer 4 - pore, hair follicle


If layer 1 is not properly removed, then it will mix with layer 2, together they will penetrate layer 3 and it will eventually clog layer 4.

This first forms whiteheads, which will darken after a while due to oxidation (blackheads). In the worst case, the pore and / or hair follicle can become inflamed, causing irritation and acne on the skin.