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Welcome to Haru Haru Beauty!

We bring the best Korean skincare and beauty products to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and from now on also shipping to other European countries.
Our products are carefully selected based on their ingredients, reviews, innovations and our own experiences. Read our story to learn more about us.

Let Haru Haru help you to improve your skin care routine starting today.
We would also like to invite you to our Haru Haru Offline Experience store in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Stay beautiful Haru Haru~~

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How to Pack Your Skin Care Like a Travel Pro
Now that the colder months are finally giving way to some much needed sun, it makes perfect sense to pack your bags and go do a little travelling. However, packing your skin care can be daunting - all those different products, what to take? How to fit it all in? What if this leaks? At Haru Haru, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to take the stress away from travelling - without compromising your skin.
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Skincare hacks for sensitive skin to become more calm and glowing
Is your sensitive skin having a hard time surviving the harsh winter that has been dehydrating almost everyone's skin? Have you tried almost everything and every product, but it just does not seem to work out for you? Maybe it's time to take a step back and do what totally sounds crazy: skip on your morning cleansing and use only toner(s). - Despite it might sound weird and in conflict with what we have learned on skincare, it doesn't hurt to try, and we think it is worth trying.
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Home spa masking time with Haru
It's weekend and we'd like to use it to pamper ourselves with some masks. Masks are fun to do and you don't have to leave your house to get that salon-worthy glow. However there are so many mask types around that you might not know what to look for anymore. - If you are looking for a mask that fits your wallet, schedule and purposes, then we've got you covered!
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Birch Juice Power Skincare
One of our favourite ingredients at the moment is Birch juice a.k.a. Birch sap a.k.a. Birch water a.k.a. Betula Platyphylla Japonica Juice. This super ingredient is harvested in the early spring by drilling a hole into the trunk of a Birch tree to collect its sap. “Tapping” a tree does not harm the health of the tree, so do not worry ;).

Birch Juice has been popping up in skincare products over the last few years. For many it probably started with the K-beauty brand COSRX (with their Oil Free-Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap). Now we are seeing this ingredient in Western brands such as Dr. Hauschka and Origins. But do you know what it does and why it is becoming increasingly popular?

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Bare face confidence on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is nearing and whether you are single or not, it is a great day to look pretty and get all fancy. You could dress up and go on a date, or just stay home and enjoy your alone time. -- Doesn't matter how and with whom you spend this day, you want to look good. ...And looking good doesn't have to cost a ton and take up all your time. Here are few simple tips and tricks to be confident for Valentine's.
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