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We bring the best Korean skincare and beauty products straights from South-Korea to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and from now on also shipping to other European countries. Our products are carefully selected based on their ingredients, reviews, innovations and our own experiences. Read our story to learn more about us. Let Haru Haru help you to improve your skin care routine starting today.

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Back in January we received a number of questions on Instagram for skin advice. Hielll suffered from Couperose and did not know what to do and which products to choose. She had just started her visits to the dermatologist, but still had trouble finding a well-fitting daily routine for her skin.

Fast forward to April when we received a nice e-mail from her with enthusiasm. She had seen on our Instastory that we were curious about the experiences and reactions of our customers. And so she has sent us her amazing progress with photos.
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It does not happen often that it is hot in the Netherlands like the past few days, but for those living in the Netherlands, as soon as the temperatures rises above 20 degrees we find it a little less comfortable. This is probably because we are not accustomed to such temperatures and are therefore not well prepared. In addition to avoiding sun as much as possible, drink a lot water and other well-known tips, we have a number of handy skincare hacks that you can use during warmer days in the Netherlands.
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Steaming showers are nice, especially in the cold winter. And while you are at it, why not cleanse your face under the same shower stream? You have probably done this, or are still doing it... But did you know the steam of your warm shower will open up your pores, so all the dirt and pollution that has been sitting on your skin the whole day will be soaked directly into your pores, which causes them to clog and irritate. This usually ends up in blackheads, irritations and, or even acnes. And this is exactly why you should stop washing your face under the shower!
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As you might know, the skin surrounding our eye areas is thin and the most sensitive one on our face. It tends to be one of the first places where signs of premature aging such as fine lines and dark circles appear. These signs of premature aging is why most of us are looking for specialized skincare products.

Most of us have spend a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect eye cream that works for them, but unfortunately, it is a difficult task that not many of us succeeded. And with an abundance of products flooding the market, the choice becomes even harder, some eye creams may even cost you more than €100 for just a tiny jar.

We hear you think: "So why should I even invest in it? Would it just not be possible to use my face cream?"
Our advice is: "Please read this blog first and then decide."
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Now that the colder months are finally giving way to some much needed sun, it makes perfect sense to pack your bags and go do a little travelling. However, packing your skin care can be daunting - all those different products, what to take? How to fit it all in? What if this leaks? At Haru Haru, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to take the stress away from travelling - without compromising your skin.
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