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Brightening: clarifying and evening of skin complexion

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Often you come across the word WHITENING on Korean care products, but this is often a translation error and often has to do with BRIGHTENING. Equalizing skin tones and reducing pigment spots.


There are 3 types of brightening:
1. to suppress
2. to reduce
3. to eliminate

Please note that brightening is not necessarily the same as whitening. Whitening usually means making the skin color more light through ingredients that can leave a white cast on the skin and/or ingredients that deliberately reduce melanin production. However, brightening is often referred to make the skin complexion more even and clear so it can radiate. A whitening product is especially focused on (dis) colorations while brightening focuses on even skin tone and glow. In the past there are quite a few blushing confusion in this due to errors in translation. ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

Why do I need it?

The beauty standard in Korea is having an even skin without blemishes in texture and complexion. As a result, the skin will look more radiant and young, just like in young children. In addition, a dull looking skin is usually seen tired.

Having the ultimate even skin is often called the "Glass Skin" or "Cloudless Skin".

In the West having a tan is often equals to a healthy complexion, so it is not very strange if we encounter tanning products more often than brightening products (however we see many changes to take place in recent years). In Asia this is the other way around, a skin with discolored pigmentations equals a skin that is aging.

Pale ≠ Bright
A pale skin is not equal to a skin that "glows" and is not necessarily ideal in Korea, this is a common misconception. An even skin that glows is the beauty ideal. Regardless of your skin color, the skin can still look dull. This is often because it is dry and flaky. In this case it is important to protect the skin against the UV rays, hydrate, exfoliate and regular usage of a brightening (sheet)mask will be able to help enormously.

The sun
UVA / UVB only needs 2 minutes to let your skin turn red, and only 25 minutes to darken it. Once the dark pigments settle down then it is no long small "dots" on the skin. These will ultimately form large discolord spots that ensure unevenness.


There are various methods to brighten your skin:
A - Exfoliation: removing the dirty top layer (together with discolored and dead skin cells) that sits as a mask on the skin surface will help to make the new skin cells appear faster.

B - Hydration: a dehydrated/dry skin will looks more dull and tired. By hydrating it, the skin will become more balanced and therefore have a more healthy appearance.

C - Cell renewal: the dark pigments come up from the lower skin layer. With a faster skin cell turnover rate, they will be replaced much faster. Introducing ingredients such as peptides (also found in snail mucin) will help.

You can accelerate cell renewal process by stimulating blood circulation. Feel free to try the following methods once a while:

  • Take 1 cold and 1 hot towel, place these alternately on your face. In addition to blood circulation, this can also improve the skin elasticity.
  • Pat or tap your face when applying skin care products can help to stimulate the skin.
  • Treat yourself occasionally with a facial massage. This will help to remove toxins (detoxify), improve complexion, elasticity and strengthens the muscles.
What is important with brightening is to protect against the skin properly against harmful UV radiation from the sun. That is why it is extremely important to apply the right sun protection (at least SPF 30) in the morning, other physical protections such as wearing a hat / cap and looking up shades is also recommended.

Ingredients we ♥

AHA, arbutin, collagen, licorice, snail mucin, chamomile, vitamin C, caroteen, tomato, propolis, ferments, niacinamide, antioxidants


Skin improvement is being patient! It is important to give a new skin care routine/product a trial period of at least 1 month since your skin will renew its cells each 28 days. In case you notice (a small) dfference, please try another 2-3 months.


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