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Haru SkinFluencer

You love Haru Haru and would like to share it with others?  
Sign up for our Haru Skinfluencer program so you can be rewarded for sharing your love for Haru Haru.

You are active on social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, blog, etc.


You love to test new products and share this with your followers.

We like to work with Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers from the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany who have an active / growing channel that has a strong connection with their followers in the local area.

As Haru Haru we try to be as transparent as possible towards our customers and we expect the same from our partners.

As a Haru Skinfluencer you will regularly be the first to receive new brands and products from us.

Sometimes we also ask you to participate in our test panel for new product additions.

In addition, we can also invite you if exclusive events take place in your area physically or online.

How to become a Haru Skinfluencer?

What do I have to do to stay as Skinfluencer?

Send us an email with the details below. We will then check the specified social media accounts and contact you within 3 weeks if you are selected so that you can immediately start testing and introducing new products and brands on your platform.

Instagram / YouTube / blog / other account: 
Target group (age, interest, etc):

❏ After receiving your application, we will check the specified social media accounts and decide whether to participate based on our criteria.
❏ As long as you are Haru Skinfluencer, we will regularly send you products. You will receive an email in advance with all the necessary information.
❏ In the same month or the following month, you present the product or products on one or more of your social media accounts.
❏ We look forward to your posts. However, we reserve the right to unilaterally terminate participation at any time without stating reasons.

Can I grow in benefits?
  If we experience positive cooperation, we can reward you as Haru Skinfluencer in other ways, such as by means of Haru Points and / or personal discounts.