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Skin concern - Dehydrated

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* your skin feels dry, irritated and sensitive * redness, skin flakes, unbalanced sebum production and acne

When your natural moisture barrier is not working optimal, your skin will dehydrate. As a result your skin will feel dry, irritated and sensitive. Eventually this could lead to redness, skin flakes, unbalanced sebum production and acne. In most cases your skin tries to repair itself by producing more sebum, but due to the lack of a proper barrier, sebum is secreted directly through the pores, causing a visible oily shine. In this case you could experience a skin that feels dry, but in fact is oily.

Common causes
- scrubbing or peeling too often
- the use of cleansers or other products with an Alkaline pH higher than 7,0
- cleaning too often or too heavily
- sunburn or harmful UV rays
- cold klimate/winds
- side effects from medication
- medical condition

: revitalize your natural barrier by keeping your skin hydrated, kind of creating your artificial moisture barrier.

Ingredients: aloe vera, animal-based oils, ceramide, cocoa butter, donkey milk, goat milk, honey, lactobacillus, mango seed butter, plant-based carrier oils (o.a. argan, olive, sesame, etc.) shea butter, squalane

Keywords: nutrition, healing, repair, rich


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