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Skin concern - Dehydrated

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* your skin feels dry, irritated and sensitive * redness, skin flakes, unbalanced sebum production and acne

The skin can become dehydrated and out of balance when the skin barrier is damaged. This can make it difficult for the skin to protect and retain moisture and nutrition. The skin feels dry, irritated and sensitive. This often leads to lines, redness, flakes and unbalanced sebum production, sometimes with acne.

In most cases, the skin will suddenly start to produce more sebum (sebum) to repair itself, but because there is no longer a protective layer, the sebum comes out directly through the pores and the skin becomes visibly oily. Thus, the skin gets into a condition that feels dry but still looks oily.

Common causes:
- too much exfoliating
- using cleansers or other products with a high pH value (higher than pH 7, which means that the skin is stripped too much)
- cleaning too often and too thoroughly
- sun damage
- severe cold / wind
side effects of medication
- Medical conditions

Tips: the natural protective layer of your skin can be restored by continuing to hydrate it well with mild and light (essence/serum) products/ingredients, preferably that also help in the skin cell renewal process. Also try out an emulsion paired with another hydrating moisturizer such as gel cream.

Ingredients: aloe vera, ceramide, honey, lactobacillus, plant-based oils & butters (argan, olive, sesame, mango seed, shea butter etc.), squalane, snail mucin (peptides & hyluron)

Keywords: nutrition, healing, repair

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