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Clean vs. dirty beauty

Clean Beauty: this refers to products that containing 'clean and safe' ingredients that are good for us and the environment.

Non-Clean / Dirty Beauty: this refers to products containing 'bad & dangerous' ingredients that are harmful to us and the environment.

MYTH: "Clean Beauty is safe and the rest is not."
FACT: "A cosmetics company will never put dangerous ingredients intentionally in your daily skin care products, with risk of lawsuits. All skin care products must go through strict test procedures before they can be sold on the market in your region."

Clean Beauty product and brand gives no guarantee that the product is safe for you to use because the chance of allergy is still present. The word 'clean' is a very wide concept and it is not a protected marketing term that is now widely used in the beauty industry.

In addition, consumers often have deep-rooted misconceptions about certain 'non-clean' ingredients such as parabens and silicones, which means that manufacturers do not use these ingredients just to be sure to be able to sell the product faster. Despite the fact that such 'non-clean' ingredient can sometimes be much better for us and the environment.

After all, look at the overall product and brand background instead of just searching for the 'Clean Beauty' label.