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Hamchorok Corp. is a research and development company that produces numerous products, including micromolecule ginsenoside with excellent biological effectiveness, by using only fermented and processed "Goryeo ginseng".

The name "Hamchorok" means "contain nature" and the company promotes win-win growth with farmers through contract farming of Korean agricultural products. The brand strives to convey the valuable value of fresh Korean farm products to consumers.

In addition, its R&D department has become a world leader in natural products by developing technologies for sterilizing agricultural products.

The company has been selected by the Korean government as a Brand K brand in 2022, demonstrating that it is a company the government is eager to help develop and grow.

Hamchorok Corp.'s fermented black ginseng. is only manufactured through an independent development process using low temperature fermentation of the microbiome using their patented lactobacillus (LAB), therefore it has a higher rate of absorption in our body.


Joint research with Yonsei University College of Pharmacy and the pharmaceutical association "Aropa" in Seoul, South Korea

Through a science-based quality control system (SEB SYSTEM), cell experiments are conducted to approve effective components, for adjusting the perfect movement ratio of Hamchorok's black ginseng extracts to generate excellent antioxidant activity.


Black ginseng is known to be effective in boosting antioxidants, boosting immunity, improving blood circulation, boosting memory and reducing fatigue. Hamchorok's black ginseng extract also reduces the inflammatory factors caused by alcohol and provides excellent liver cell repairing effects after alcohol damage.

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