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  • [ HAMCHOROK ] Vitality Black Panax Ginseng Drink - 100ml
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    Vitality Black Panax Ginseng Drink - 100ml

    Hamchorok Corp. is a research and development company that produces numerous products, including micromolecule ginsenoside with excellent biological effectiveness, by using only fermented and processed "Goryeo ginseng".

    Hamchorok Corp.'s fermented black ginseng is only manufactured through an independent development process using low temperature fermentation of the microbiome using their patented lactobacillus (LAB), therefore it has a higher rate of absorption in our body.

    Black ginseng is known to be effective in antioxidant boost, immunity boost, improving blood circulation, boosting memory and reducing fatigue. Hamchorok's black ginseng extract also reduces the inflammatory factors caused by alcohol and provides excellent liver cell repair effects after alcohol damage.


    WHY WE ♥
    ▸ Delicious brown sugar aftertaste without the bitterness of Ginseng.
    ▸ Convenient bag packaging for carrying and easy to consume anytime, anywhere.
    ▸ Hamchorok's specially developed fermented black ginseng contains large amounts of the well-known antioxidant polyphenol. (Contains 13 times more polyphenols than coffee.)
    ▸ Large amounts of polyphenols and ginsenoside in low molecules, which are highly absorbed by the human body.
    ▸ It's a great relief from a hangover.
    ▸ It is a healthy snack for people who feel constantly tired, the elderly, athletes and physically active people, growing children and students who need to concentrate.
    ▸ It's a great boost before and after sports, hiking and other similar activities.

    Fermented black ginseng concentrate: great source of antioxidants and improves blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure. It improves our immune system and increases energy, making us less tired. Black ginseng is known for its adaptogenic properties, which can help support the body's response to stress, boost energy levels, and promote mental clarity.

    1. Open the bottle and drink it directly from the sachet or heat it in the microwave in a glass.

    ▸ We recommend taking 1 or 2 sachets per day if you want to increase your energy and concentration levels. For example on your training day or during test periods.
    ▸ Consult with a doctor before use if you have experience allergic reactions to ginseng products or have any health complications.

    Purified water, oligosaccharides, processed sugar products, plant mixed concentrate 1.0% (solids 60% or more, Rehmannia glutinosa (China), jujube (domestic), brown root (domestic), Cnidium officinale, Astragalus, Angelica, licorice, peony, dried ginger, cinnamon) taurine, Fermented black ginseng concentrate 0.5% (solids 70% or more, saponin content 130mg/g or more, domestic), Daebo concentrate 0.4% (solids 60% or more), synthetic flavor (black ginseng flavor, red ginseng flavor, brown sugar flavor), vitamin C, glue Magnesium conate, citric acid, guarana extract powde, trisodium citrate, malt extract powder, gellan gum, nicotinic acid amide, vitamin D3 mixture (gum arabic, sucrose, corn starch, medium chain neutral fat, silicon dioxide, vitamin D3, vitamin E), Vitamin E 50% mixture (DL alpha acetate tocopherol 50%, modified starch, malto dextrin, silicon dioxide), L-carnitine, Enzymatically Modified]


    Calories 80 (1 pcs 100ml)
      % Daily value
    Total Fat 0 g 0% 
      Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
      Trans Fat 0 g  
      Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g  
      Monounsaturated Fat 0 g  
    Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
    Sodium 15 mg 1%
    Total Carbohydrate 18 g 7%
      Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
      Total Sugars 9 g  
        Includes 0 g Added Sugars 0%
    Protein 1 g 2%
    Vitamin D 0.003 mcg 0%
    Calcium 0 mg 0%
    Iron 0 mg 0%
    Potassium 0 mg 0%


    Haru Haru Beauty is the official distributor and partner of Hamchorok in The Netherlands.  

    Consult the product packaging for the most complete and updated ingredient list.
    In a nutshell
    Content / Weight:
    0.5% fermented black ginseng concentrate
    To use for:
    Increasing energy and concentration
    To use on top / in combination with:

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