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Oily skin needs no moisturizer

Moisturizer: a product that is meant to provide the skin with a moisturizing and protective barrier so that moisture and nutrition won't be evaporated easily. There are different names for different textures in the moisturizer family. (In order of their texture: emulsion, gel, lotion, gel-cream, cream.)

MYTH: "My skin is already greasy by itself, I don't need a moisturizer to hydrate it. In addition, a cream makes my skin even greasier."
FACT: "Oily skin still needs a protecting and moisturizing barrier, but you choose one that works for you."

Regardless of skin type and/or troubles, we use a moisturizer to protect the skin and ensure that the moisture and nutrition of our skincare does not evaporate. The barrier also makes it more difficult for dirt and other negative environmental factors to penetrate our skin.

For oily skin, choose a texture that feels light on the skin and will not aggravate it. Choose ingredients that can hydrate skin without clogging pores (such as: Glycerin, Hyaluron, Aloe, Squalane, but avoid Cocoa butter, Lanolin, Petrolatum, Palm oil and most nut oils).

But do you really have oily skin or is it oily due to dehydration?

Dehydrated skin is a skin with a damaged barrier that tries to protect and moisture itself by making more sebum. This means that the skin has difficulty to lock in moisture and nutrition, which is why a moisturizer is very much needed.