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Oil control

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We all want a healthy glowy look, but not a shiny look. Nevertheless we all sometimes have to deal with a shiny, greasy skin. To treat this we will first have to know why our skin becomes greasy and shiny and what our skin type is.

Keywords: pores, blackheads, shine, grease, oil, sebum, dehydrated, t-zone, summer


Type A: normal - ocassionally greasy during summer or with hot weather
  • greasy at the end of the day.
  • ocassionally impurities/pimples.
Type B: combination - in areas
  • T-zone + nose area are regularly/easy greasy.
  • enlarges pores, blackheads, pimples on T-zone + nose area.
  • running make up at the end of the day.
  • U-zone is often calm, normal to dry.

Type C: oily - often
  • the whole face becomes easily greasy. It can be greasy/shiny within 30 minutes after washing.
  • enlarged pores, blackheads, irritations
  • makeup runs quickly/easily, frequently end up with panda eyes due to running eye makeup.


It will be much easier to treat now we have been able to link the various symptoms to a skin type.

Type A: the right approach for this type is cleansing.
This is the most direct method to get rid op dirt and grease. In addition, try avoid touch your cheeks too often, otherwise you will make them more greasier.
Type B: the different zones should be approached differently.
T-zone - double cleanse methode and hydration; it is important to deep cleanse/exfoliate your T-zone periodically. 
U-zone - regular cleansing methode and hydration; moderate cleansing, otherwise it will dehydrate your skin.

Oil control is important on the T-zone, while U-zone needs hydration. One is not more important than the other, so don't skip one of the two zones during your routine!

Type C: often is a greasy face caused by a dehydrated skin. A layer of sebum, dust and dirt is left on the face and forms a mixture which causes microbial infection, this leads to a sensitive skin and/or other skin troubles.
Your skin is overproducing oil and sebum because it is so dehydrated and it is trying to protect itself (it gets the wrong signals). A dehydrated skin is going to produce more oil and sebum to keep itself hydrated.

Start with the cause by intensively add moisture to your skin. Try an essence or serum, since these are high concentrated and is it easy to be absorbed by the skin. (Sheet masks contains essences).


It is very important to remove your makeup each night. The best moment to do is this immediately upon returning home, dirt and grease won't get a chance to further withdraw into your pores.


If you have a oily skin, try to use oil based makeup removers. "Wash away oil with oil" and it also exfoliates.

Double Cleanse

Use a mild cleanser and cleanse your face with care and right method. Be gentle to your skin and clean it by massaging with your fingertops in circular movements. Don't rub or scrub abusively and cleanse with moderation!

Extra cleanse
After cleaning, dry your face and then gently sweep your face with a toner on cotton pad. In this way you can remove the remaining dirt residues and cleansers, while the cotton pad can help to remove the softened dead skin cells.
Skin improvement is being patient! It is important to give a new skin care routine/product a trial period of at least 1 month since your skin will renew its cells each 28 days. In case you notice (a small) dfference, please try another 2-3 months.
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