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Welcome to Haru Haru Beauty! You have probably since you are looking for the right skin care products, and perhaps more specific such as "Korean beauty products?"

Did you know that today, the Korean beauty culture influences the worldwide beauty industry the most? You have probably heard of or used Korean Skincare & Cosmetics before. Typically Korean Skincare & Cosmetics have an appealing and unique packaging that will make you awww and fall right for it  ;-).

Some key ingredients may put a scare on your face, such as Snail Mucus, Pig Collagen, Donkey Milk and Bee Venom (why should you ever consider rubbing these on your face?), some Hollywood-stars swear by them so maybe its not as crazy as it sounds. Korean Skincare emphasizes the use of natural ingredients over harsh chemicals, that are proven effective, and are made affordable due to the cultural importance of the beauty standard in Korea. 

Every woman’s daily routine starts, aside of that glass of water ☺, with Skincare & Cosmetics. How does your daily routine looks like? Probably not that lenghty as the average Korean 10 step skin regime. We all want to look fresh, clean and flawless, but why would you if you can stay in a half an hour longer?

Every day, your face faces the most harmfull radiants from outside, even more reasons to give that extra care and attention to your face so it stays fresh, young longer and protected. A more calmed down skin often reflects to a more de-stressed lifestyle.

We are Haru Haru Beauty, Haru Haru means “day by day” in Korean language, which means that we will bring you the best daily skincare & cosmetics all the way from Korea to your home. We will review, blog, vlog, explain the products and its usage in details, how to implement them into your daily routine and much more. Don’t have a daily routine yet? Your skin needs your attention every single day, so let's create your daily regime together! We are happy to help you out.~



➤  You're probably familiar with the 10 steps Korean skincare routine or you have at least heard or read about it. At Haru Haru, we try to help you to choose the right product by following the routine steps. Under the heading SKIN CARE you will find the products divided in these steps in chronological order. Use the filter on the left for more targeted search results.



➤ The 10 steps only indicate what (product) possibilities there are to make a routine. However, this does not mean that you need all 10 steps for your routine. We recommend that you start with a basic routine and build it up slowly. Go to our ROUTINE page for more information.



➤  Once you know more about the missing step in your routine, you can look for a product that fits your skin type and concern(s). After all, skin care is not 'one size fits all...'. Do you not know what skin type you have or do you want to know more about skin types and concerns? For example, what ingredients to use or to avoid. Look under the heading: YOUR SKIN.



➤ Or do you want to know more about the applications, tips and such? Check the Haru Haru BEAUTY CLASS, here you will find answers about K-beauty and skincare / beauty in general.



➤  Are you stuck? Check out the favorites BESTSELLERS of other customers to find inspiration. Or take a look through our list of TAGS.



➤  Have you after seeing our assortment also became a little curious about us? Then please read the STORY of Haru Haru, or visit our brick and mortar stores in AMSTERDAM and ROTTERDAM.



➤  Read our FAQ for answers to many questions. Feel free to ask us through email by (info[at] or contact us on social media. [Facebook & Instagram: /haruharubeautynl]


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Lots of love & stay beautiful haru haru.~~

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