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Acne quiz

We have made this test for you to get a better picture of your pimple and acne troubles at home and therefore to select your next product more easily. So grab a pen quickly and take notes to discover more about your skin ^__^


1. I have recently (more) problems with pimples, acne.

Find out if something has changed recently in your daily routine, lifestyle, environment, etc.

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2. Recently, one or more has changed in my living environment.
If one or more of the factors below has been changed / increased, try to reduce or adjust it if necessary.

- diet
- stress
- medication
Can cause hormonal fluctuations.

- climate
- incorrect (use) of skin care (such as excessive exfoliating)
Can ensure that the skin becomes unbalanced and thus produces more oil.

-poor hygiene
May cause inflamed pores and bacteria on the skin.

Please check this out.

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3. My pimples often appear in the same places.

Forehead: head covering (hygiene), irregular sleep, puberty, stress.

Between the eyebrows: too many greasy snacks, coffee, alcohol (bladder).

Nose: poor eating habits (intestine).

Cheeks: bacteria from cellphone, touching your face too often, pillowcase, smoking (lungs).

Around the mouth: too much spicy or fried food (intestine).

Chin: hormones, dairy, sugar (kidney).

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4. My pimples itch.

Perhaps the cause here is not a bacterium but a fungal (fungal acne).

Avoid oils, fatty acids in the routine and sleeping with wet hair. Use products with anti-bacterial ingredients such as propolis to treat it.

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5. My skin is dehydrated.

Your acne is probably caused by an imbalanced skin. The oil production of the skin is increased so that sebum, dirt and dead skincells builds up in the pores.

Therefore focus on repairing and balancing your skin barrier.

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6. I almost always have pimples, acne and my skin is very greasy.

Oily skin produces more oil, which increases the chance of clogged pores. Therefore,  try to prevent as much as possible that your pores are being clogged.

Double cleansing: prevents oil (sebum) build-up on the skin.
Exfoliation: prevents accumulation of dead skin cells that clog the pore.
BHA / salicylic acid: dissolves accumulated sebum in the pores more easily so that they can be cleansed. In addition, it is also antibacterial.
Anti-oxidants: delays oxidation and accumulation of oil (sebum) in the pores.

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