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The story: Haru Haru

Haru Haru [하루 하루] is the Korean word for 'day by day;. In our context it means your daily skincare. We from Haru Haru are here to help you with your daily skincare routine. Haru Haru is your to go for your daily skincare and beauty advises. We will always try our best to help you out - just like a big sister.



A big sister for your beauty advices and talks.


The logo is a speech balloon for transparency.


The girl "Haru" is doing a famous Korean beauty pose.



Our products are carefully selected based on their ingredients, innovations and customer reviews. Each product is on a 3 months "probation" so that we can hear our customers feedbacks. After the 3 months it will be decided whether it's a stay or go.

All products from Haru Haru are directly brought to us from the official brands / distributors in South-Korea. Therefore we can ensure you the authenticity and quality of our products. Our products have passed laboratory tests safely in Europe, according to the (EC) N ° 1223/2009 registered and labeled by us or a (different) RP in the European Union. If you choose Haru Haru Beauty, you choose a safe market within the European Union. The EU has strict requirements and controls on products and packaging that are safe for us, which have been produced in a safe environment, and in addition, the products must NOT be tested on animals.



What is the ratio between active ingredients and texture / scent regulators.

User convenience
It is easy to combine with other products.

Is the price / quality ratio correct? Is there a better product available within the same price range?

Light textures that feel nice on the skin and do not weigh it down / irritate it.
No to little smell that lingers.



In November 2014 we opened a store with the name Conceptual Styles on the Oude Binnenweg in Rotterdam. In the store you could find fashion and accessories inspired by South Korea for the young and trendy woman. In addition to fashion Conceptual Styles also brought hottest skin care and makeup products directly from South Korea to the Netherlands.

In June 2016 Conceptual Styles introduced her little sister Haru Haru to the world. As the beautiful little sister she loves to help you in your search for a fitting skincare routine. In July 2017 Haru Haru Beauty reopened after a transformation and will continue to fully focus on Korean skincare & beauty. While the popularity of K-beauty is growing in Europe and The Netherlands, we can proudly say that we are the first online & offline store in the Netherlands and Benelux specialized in K-beauty. ;)



Wide range of products 

Haru Haru carefully selects the products suitable for different steps in the routine. We also pay attention to different kinds skin types, problems and lifestyles of our customers so that we can offer the best.

Original products fresh from S-Korea!

All the Korean Beauty products at Haru Haru are imported from South Korea. We can guarantee the authenticity, quality and life span of products because we have direct contact with the brands / official distributor in South Korea.

Big sister

Haru Haru is your big sister, your bestie, who loves to answer to any of your question. Whether it's skincare related or just fun travel tips? We are happy to be at your service and will do our best to answer the questions.

Quick deliveries and no extra charges!

Because all the products are the shipped directly from our store in Rotterdam you can usually expect them to be delivered at your house the next day. So no more long waiting for packages from S-Korea and no more  shocking additional customs fees.

Physical store

Not sure about a product and you would rather to test it, feel it, see it and smell it yourself? You are welcome to visit Haru Haru in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. You can experience our offers yourself and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

In the physical store, you can also save for great discounts. Ask for the conditions in our store.

Official and legal products

Haru Haru Beauty has direct contacts with the Korean brands that we carry and receive the products from the factories or warehouse of official distributors of the relevant brand.

If you choose Haru Haru Beauty, you choose a safe market within the European Union. The products we offer have safely passed laboratory tests in the European Union and are subsequently registered and labeled by us or a (different) RP in the European Union according to article (EC) N ° 1223/2009 of the European Union.



We do our very best to make the best selection and your help is more than welcome.

If you have a complaint regarding a product please let us a.s.a.p. know through complaints[at] and we will provide you with the right help and solution.


We hope to be able to grow as Haru Haru Beauty in the Netherlands and Europe and are always open to new ideas and collaborations. If you would like to get in touch with us, you can send an email to: info[at]

To help you more quickly, you will find an overview of frequently asked questions to Haru Haru on our FAQ page.


Share your beauty moments with Haru Haru on instagram using #freshfaceharuharu
Ask questions to Haru on Instagram using #dearharuharu

Stay beautiful haruharu!