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4. Treatment / Boost

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*Last update on 19 Feb 2019

Targeted treatments - boost

Treatment products that we come across often are essences, serums and ampoules. These are usually watery textured products with high concentrations of ingredients that target specific problems, such as enlarged pores, acnes, wrinkles, etc. They are very important to the Korean skincare routine, since they help you combat skin troubles and eventually give you a healthy and glowing face.

Depending on your skin and needs you may need several different treatments that target different zones or troubles you wish to treat.

You can apply them directly on your face, but you can also add a few drops of them in other skin care products.

A trend in Korea that has its origins from make up professionals is to add a few drops of serum or ampoule to your cushion compacts (BB/CC/foundation). Just keep in mind to only add 1 product, otherwise it can mess up the formula. 



[pat/press the products in the morning or evening after toner, before serum]

Least concentrated, least pricey, usually take the longest time to show changes on the skin (about 2 weeks). It was first developed for asian women who have a thinner moister barrier and therefore often have problems with a skin that is dry or dehydrates very quickly.

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[pat/press the products in the morning or evening after toner]

More concentrated than essence, little thicker and more viscous the essence, shows results faster than essence, slightly pricier than essence, usually stored in shaded bottles since it’s more sensitive to heat / light. There are oil based and water based ones.

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[pat/press the products in the morning or evening after toner]

Highest concentration, fastest effect in a short time, come in smaller sizes, more expensive than essence and serum, lightest texture and penetrates into the skin the fastest. Ampoules are also  used by make up artists for the make up to last longer. Mostly stored in form of vial or in droppers to avoid the highly reactive ingredients get oxidized by the air or over usage / over pouring.

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In addition, there are also all kinds of other products which falls within the family, such as:


Used before serums/ampoule/essence to boost the efficiency and helps the product penetrate faster to your skin.

Face oils

[massage it onto your face, or put a few drops in other skincare products such as serum or cream]

For everyone who needs or wants an extra boost of nourishment for a smoother, softer, more resilient skin with a natural-looking glow, face oils can be add in the seasonal routine, such as during the winter periods, for dry, dehydrated and flaky skin.



These are sheets, often made of cotton (nowadays also made from hydrogel, bio cellulose and other innovative materials), soaked in serum or essence. You can directly place it on your face after cleansing and toning. It works like a sauna underneath the sheets, your pores will open due to the warmth of your own body temperature. Therefore all the good liquids that is on the sheet can go directly into your pores and be absorbed faster, easier. This is a step that can be used 1 - 2 times a week or even daily. 

In Korea some women “suffer” from the ‘1 day 1 mask syndrome’ which means that they will use a sheet mask every day. If this is what you are aiming for than we suggest you to go with the simple and cheap sheet masks since this will not only make your wallet happier, it will be also be better for your face since the other sheet masks will contain too much nutrients that might be overdosed or wasted on your skin.

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Skin improvement is being patient! It is important to give a new skin care routine/product a trial period of at least 1 month since your skin will renew its cells each 28 days. In case you notice (a small) dfference, please try another 2-3 months.



1. Oil-based cleanser
2. Water based cleanser
3. Exfoliator
1. Cleansing
To remove make up, sunscreen, dirt, blackheads and dead skin cells.

4. Toner 2. Preparing
Balances pH-level, triple cleanses leftover dirt + face wash, hydrates + prepares your skin for the steps to follow.

5. Eye cream 3. Eye care
Thinner than regular face creams, to target gentle areas around your eyes, reduces dark circles and wrinkles.

6. Essence, Serum
7. Ampoule
8. Sheet mask
4. Treatment / Boost
High concentration products to target & treat different concerns such as acne, dehydration, dull, pigmentation, fine lines, etc.

9. Moisturizer 5. Moisturizing
To seal in all the good stuff that you have just put on your face.

10. SPFspot treatmentsleeping mask 6. Special care

- day
- night
DAY - sun protection: Most effective step in the morning since it helps your skin to defense against all the harms from the sun 

NIGHT - spot treatment + sleeping packs: The cells in your body repairs themselves at night during your sleep, hence makes this the best moment to see maximum benefit of your (hydrating) products.


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