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"Elegant + Romantic +ELLE"
To wake up your natural beauty is the real beauty. The real value of beauty.

The Elroel brand was launched in 2014 and is inspired by their creative director Yoo Yang-hee and follows her beauty philosophy and ideology. She is the first generation makeup artist in South Korea and has overseen long list of South Korean celebrities and supermodels.

Yoo Yang-hee has been loved by celebrities for 30+ years and she has expertise in showcasing natural, elegant and healthy beauty.

The Elroel products are developed in the "ELROEL Cosmetics Café" and "beauty lab" with the know-how and guidance of Yoo Yang-hee. With the aim of reinterpreting with the know-how of a K-Beauty artist and thereby bringing out the potential elegance of a healthy and natural beauty.

Elroel's popular item the Pang Pang Sun Cushion was sold out on its launch day in 2014, selling a whopping 20,000 in 1 day!

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