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Skin concern - Pigmentation

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* heredity * caused and/or worsened by UV rays *

Dull skin often looks tired due to uneven skin tone and lack of glow, usually in combination with an uneven skin texture. This often occurs in dry, combination and dehydrated skin and is caused by a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface.

An uneven complexion, hyperpigmentation, red or brown spots/scars (after pimples) are caused by overproduction of melanin. Often these problems arise after acne, wounds, hormone fluctuations, sun damage. There are many reasons why it becomes (more) visible, but in most cases these are the first (clear) signs of skin aging. Some cases are easier to treat than others.

Tips: often it can be easily remedied by exfoliation, sun protection and skin-brightening products/ingredients.

Ingredients: arbutin, astragalus, membranaceus root, azealic acid, betaine salicylate, centella asiatica, chrysanthellum indicum, glycolic acid, l-ascorbic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, licorice root, morus alba/mulberry extract, nelumbo nucifera, niacinamide, snail secretion filtrate, retinoids


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