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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why Haru Haru
1.1 Official and legal products

We at Haru Haru Beauty are in direct contact with all of the Korean brands that we have taken into our selection. As a premium reseller, all of our products originate directly from the official brand or distributor's factories or warehouses.

The products we offer have safely passed laboratory tests in the European Union and are subsequently registered and labeled by us or a (different) RP in the European Union according to article (EC) N ° 1223/2009 of the European Union.

If you choose Haru Haru Beauty, you choose a safe market within the European Union. The EU has strict requirements and controls on products and packaging that are safe for us, which have been produced in a safe environment, and in addition, the products are free of animal testings.

There are many "k-beauty" stores in Europe today that sell products without meeting these requirements. Not only does this mean that the products have not been tested in Europe, but there is also a chance that the products have been tested on animals and in case of safety issues, no responsible person will appear. So keep this in mind when purchasing!


Cosmetics and personal care products imported from South Korea into the EU have to comply with strict rules and legislation in South Korea, but the manufacturers and the products are also tested and approved within the EU according to EU laws and regulations.

This enables, for example, your doctor to immediately view the required and detailed product information about the product via a special portal to be able to act quickly in urgent cases.

1.2 What are the selection criteria for Haru Haru?

Before a product enters our store, it has already gone through a long way of selection process.

In addition to the fact that the product has passed Korean standards (such as animal testing-free, responsible production process at the manufacturer), it has also had to take various tests in Europe such as stability (after transport, etc.)

In addition, we test the products for a certain period of time in the Netherlands under different conditions and on our test panel with different skin types and problems. (The test panel can vary per product)

Criteria's where we aim our focus includes:

Ratio between active ingredients and texture / scent regulators.

Easy to use
Is it easy to use and can it be used together with other products without having to be a scientist.

Is the price / quality ratio correct? Is there a better product available in the same price range?

Light textures that feel fine on the skin and does not aggravate and has no or few odors that linger.

1.3 Wide range of products

Haru Haru carefully selects each of the products suitable for different steps in the skincare routine. We also pay close attention to our customers' different skin types, problems and lifestyles so that we can offer only the best.

Each product undergoes a 3 months "probation" period. This probation time is important to us so that we can listen closely to our customers' feedback. After the 3 months it will be a stay or a nay.

1.4 Original products fresh from S-Korea

All of our Korean Beauty products at Haru Haru are imported directly* from South Korea. As a premium reseller we can guarantee the authenticity, quality and life span of products because we are in direct contact with all of the brands or official distributors in South Korea.

* The quality of the products remains better when there are no constant movements and temperature changes.

1.5 Your big sister Haru

You can consider Haru Haru as your big sister, your bestie, who loves to answer any of your questions. Whether it's skincare related or just fun travel tips? We are happy to be at your service and will do our best to answer each and any of the questions.

1.6 Feel, touch and smell the products

Not sure about a product and you would rather to test it, feel it, see it and smell it yourself? You are welcome to visit Haru Haru in our offline stores. You can experience our selection yourself and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

In the physical store, you can also save up for great discounts. Ask for the terms and conditions in our store.

1.7 Thank you's

To thank our dear customers for their trust in us we will put in each online order a little surprise. You can find a current list of gifts here. In addition to these great offers, as Haru Loyalty you can always save for discounts and other fun goodies in our physical stores and at More information about Haru Loyalty and points can be found here.

1.8 No more long waiting times and unexpected costs

Because all the products are the shipped directly from our store in Rotterdam you can usually expect them to be delivered at your house the next day. So no more long waiting at the doorsteps for packages from S-Korea and no more shocking customs fees on top of what you've already paid.

2 Placing an order
2.1 I have already paid, but the product is out of stock

If it turns out that we can not deliver an item after receiving your order/payment, we will contact you asap for a settlement. This can be a refund or replacement.

2.2 What happens if I don't pay for the order that I have placed?

Once you have placed an order you will have the options to pay with such as: iDeal / Mister Cash, bank transfer, or pay by PIN or cash in the offline store. Regardless the payment method, we will have to receive the payment within 72 hours, otherwise, the order will be automatically cancelled.

The order is successfully placed when the payment is received by us. We cannot reserve any product when the payment is not made. It is therefore possible that the products may disappear from your list as long as the payment has not been made.

2.3  When will a product be restocked again?

Sometimes you will find a product that you really wish to have, but it is unfortunately sold out. We will always try to do our best to restock the products as soon as possible, especially our bestsellers. But we can never make any promises about the specific date. Our advise is to follow us on Social Media such as Facebook & Instagram: /HaruharubeautyNL

2.4 Where do I find information on products?

We will always try to provide you with the best necessary product information under the heading 'INFORMATION' on each product page. If you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us by sending an e-mail [webshop[at], by phone, or visit our offline stores.

2.5 Can I make a reservation?

No, we can not make any reservations for you, but you can always call or email us about the stock.

2.6 Can I make a visit to the store?

Yes! You are always welcome in our offline stores in Rotterdam city center, or in Amsterdam the 9 streets (Hartenstraat)

3 Account
3.1 What can I do with an account at Haru Haru Beauty?

Easy and fast
By registering, your informations such as name and shipping address will be saved so that you don't have to enter this at your next visit.

View and change order
After registering you can easily view all order history and also submit any returns and cancellations.

Ask questions easily related to an order through tickets for quick processing.

Add products to your wishlist to view them later.

Register an account with your mobile phone number and start saving for discounts and other great goodies with the Haru Loyalty program.

3.2 Is my account also linked to the offline stores?

Recently we can also link your online account to an offline Loyalty account so that you can earn and redeem points in the physical stores and Please indicate at the checkout in our physical stores that you do have an online account but not an offline (loyalty) account yet, if you wish to link your loyalty account.

3.3 How do I convert my guest account to a registered account?

You can do this by registering on our website with the same email with which you were previously registered as a guest. This allows the previous order data to be saved.

3.4 I want to remove my account

Send us your request to webshop[at] and we will remove your account with its information on your order history and such. Please consider that this action can not be undone.

4 Payment
4.1 How do I pay?

iDeal, BankContant/MisterCash, SOFORT Banking
If you have access to internet banking you can pay through iDeal (the Netherlands) or BankContant/Mister Cash, SOFTORT Banking (Belgium).

You can pay directly using your Paypal account. In case of a postponed banktransfer, your order will be shipped after we have received the payment.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express*
*only accepted in the Haru Haru online store.

Finish the payment through bank transfer. The payment needs to be within 72 hours on our bank account, otherwise the order will be cancelled, you will have to place a new order then

Account information
Bank name: ING BANK
Bank Address: ING Bank N.V. , Foreign Operations , PO Box 1800 , 1000 BV Amsterdam

IBAN: NL77 INGB 0006 6072 44
Account holder: Haru Haru Beauty
Citing your order number

Afterpay with Billink
If you meet the criteria set by Billink you can choose to pay after receiving the products. Go to the Billink website for more information.

Pay in store
Please finish your payment within 7 days after placing the order in our Rotterdam store. You can easily pay with cash, debit card or creditcards.

Click here to learn more about the costs of each payment.

4.2 I have received a discount code, how do I apply this?

Together with the discount code you will receive the corresponding conditions such as minimum order, date... Fill in the code when placing the order in your shopping cart and the discount will be applied automatically.

4.3 Can I pay with giftcard?

Physical store: we accept Haru Haru Beauty giftcard as a payment method in our stores.
Online Store: unfortunately it is not possible yet to pay with giftcards in our online store.

4.4 My payment failed at the checkout.

No worries, you can pay for the order within 72 hours by means of a transfer (state the order number). Or, go to 'My orders' after logging in to your personal account and select the desired order to complete it.

5 Shipping
5.1 What are the costs for shipping?

The shipping rates within the Netherlands are € 5,00 (with Track & amp; Trace). We ship free for orders over €50. Shippings to Belgium and Germany are € 9,00 (with Track & amp; Trace), and free shipping for orders over € 60.

Visit our Shipping & Returns page for more about the rates.

5.2 When can I expect my package to arrive?

Usually it takes 1~2 business days for a package to arrive within the Netherlands. Once a package is sent out you will receive a Track and Trace code.

Keep in mind that during the holiday seasons the packages will be longer on the road than usual. If you have questions about the transmitted package please refer to PostNL. They can provide you with more information using the Track & Trace code.

6 Exchange & return
6.1 Can I exchange / return a product?

Yes, that is possible. Just let us know within 14 days after receiving.
The products should be unopened and undamaged in its original packagings.

Before you ship the products back to us, please read the procedures for exchange and returns.

6.2 How do I submit a return

You can submit a return shipment via your account and we will process it asap.

Log in > RECENT ORDER > select the order > RETURN ARTICLES > select the articles > enter the reason > SEND

or send an email to webshop[at]

6.3 I have received a wrong / incomplete order

Did you received a wrong color or a different product than ordered. Please contact our customer service via webshop[at] Once we have received your email, we will ensure that the correct product will be sent to you as soon as possible.
Is there an article missing in your shipment? Please contact our customer service webshop[at] We will help you as soon as possible.

6.4 I have received a damaged product

We are very sorry that you have a complaint on an article supplied by us. 

All articles of Haru Haru has a guarantee of four weeks after receipt. E-mail us your complaint, the order number and photo of your complaint and send it to webshop[at] We will take your complaint into consideration as soon as possible.

Always send us an email before you send the item back. We will try to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

You cannot claim the warranty if the product is:

* Damaged by intent or negligence
* The product is worn off
* Damage due to failure to follow the instructions
* The battery of the article should be replaced

6.5 To whom are the shipping costs for returning?

For returning  / exchanging the shipping costs will be at your own expense. Of course you can come to our store to exchange / return.

However, if the product is incorrectly provided by Haru Haru, or damaged upon arrival, we will bear the cost of returning to us. After consultation with you we will either refund the shipping cost or settle it in the following order.

6.6 I have (partially) returned my order, where is the credit note?

If you still haven't received the credit note then this may be because we have not received your returned order or it's still being processed. Once we receive your returned goods, we will send you a credit note by email. You can expect the refund within 7 days on your bank account or PayPal account.

7 Other questions
7.1 Are these cruelty-free products?

Before 2017, most cosmetics brands in South Korea were already cruelty-free. But in 2017, South Korea went down in history as one of the first countries where animal testing for the cosmetics industry was officially banned.

7.2 Are these products vegan?

All our products are cruelty free, but not all are free from animal based ingredients. Sometimes a product uses animal based ingredients such as snail mucus or honey derivatives. Although there are sometimes doubts about whether honey is vegan or not, we chose to exclude all our products with honey (propolis, bees wax, etc.) from our [vegan] tag and [vegan-friendly] category.

7.3 Can you guarantee that the images match with the products?

The photos are taken under different conditions, there is a slight risk of color differences. However, the differences will be so small that it does not constitute a reason to return the products.

7.4 The ingredient list online does not match the packaging / other sites.

The order and name of ingredient can vary on an ingredient list due to the requirements according to European legislation.

In the US (often used internationally), the sorting rules apply to dominance (high to low), with the exception of active drug substances, components with less than 1% concentration and colorants that can be displayed in disorder. Fragrance and flavor can be indicated in descending order of domination as "fragrance" and "flavor". -- This is often the list that we see on international websites and packaging.

The rules apply in the EU: in descending order of weight, except for ingredients below 1%. -- This is the list that can be found on European packaging.