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Skin type - Combination

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Combination skin is oily in some areas and dry in other areas. Common with combination skin is that the T-zone (forehead, nose) is oily, and the U-zone (cheeks, chin) is dry. There is little difference from normal skin except that combination skin shows clear differences between the zones.

- clear differences between the oily and dry zones
- pores on the oily zones (often T-zone) are visibly enlarged and more often suffer from pimples and blackheads
- the dry areas (often U-zone) are dry, red and flaky

Goal: you want to moisturize the dry zones and reduce sebum production in the oily zones. In this case, therefore, seal the moisturizing and softening moisturizer well in dry areas. While you can reduce the fat zones and focus on a pore-related approach. Ultimately, it's about finding a balance that works for both the dry and oily areas.

Tips: You can think of the two different zones as two separate puzzle pieces where you use a different approach with different products for each piece, but you can also choose to use light products that work for both zones and perhaps layer this on the dry zones. In addition, you can use specific products such as serums and special care products for a more targeted approach to the different problems in the different zones.

Recommendations: Refreshing and hydrating toners, antioxidant rich essence, serum, sheet mask or ampoules, and lightweight moisturizers.

Avoid: products that are too heavy for the oily areas and products that do not moisturize the dry areas enough. 

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