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"Skin health that begins with proven ingredients."


Since the founding of the parent company CKDHC in 1996, the company has become the best known beauty / health supplements producer in Korea. Over the years, Chong Kun Dang Red Ginseng Sticks and LACTO:FIT Powder Sticks are easily found among the best sellers at stores like Olive Young.

In 2017, the company established a cosmetics department and several skin care brands under CKDHC have emerged, such as CKD-Guaranteed.

The name CKD is an abbreviation for Calm & Keep for Dermatology and it stands for achieving skin health care through Chong Kun Dang health care technology while following the criteria's below.

CKD's products all start with carefully selecting nutrient-rich ingredients that are proven effective in caring for the skin's health.

Through CKDHC's technology allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin faster, easier and deeper for better results.

CKD strives to create products in an environmental, social and ethically responsible manner.

Thanks to the background of the parent company and years of research in nutrition and biotechnology, this brand has been able to produce consumer Retino products (as one of the first in Korea) that caught the attention of many skincare enthusiasts upon its launch.

The best-known line is the Retino Collagen line that uses 300 dalton (micro molecules) water-soluble collagen that can actually be absorbed by the skin when applied to the skin surface and does not remain on the surface, unlike large sized collagen. Thanks to patented Flexible LiposomeTM (Patent No.: 10-2081180) technology, the active ingredients are absorbed faster and deeper into the skin. In addition, the products of this line also contain the so-called Elastic Collagen ingredients combination such as collagen-generating Retinal (stabilized 3rd generation), Hyaluronic acid and Elastin. They also happen to be one of the first brands in Korea using Retino in skincare products.

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