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Chasin’ Rabbits

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"Chase the better"

With over 30 years of expertise in the beauty industry, parent company It's Hanbul, known for several beloved brands such as Enature, has developed a new brand called Chasin' Rabbits with the thought of giving back love to customers and our planet.

Chasin' Rabbits' products is foremost against testing on animals, while striving for 'clean', vegan ingredients and sustainable packaging. Chasin' Rabbits products have been carefully developed so that we can minimize the damage done to us and the world, from the manufacturing process to using these products.

 Vegan-friendly - 'Vegetarian recipes'
Botanical ingredients such as fruits, flowers and seeds have been used. Animal ingredients and animal testing are completely excluded.

 Eco-friendly - 'Sustainable packaging for us and for the planet'
The recycled and recyclable (lightweight) packaging reduces CO2 emissions to return the greenery to the earth.

 Skin-friendly - 'Clean beauty concept all the way'
Thanks to the team's thorough evaluation of the irritating cosmetic ingredients list, these 'clean' products contain ingredients that are mild and safe for the skin.

The Chasin' Rabbits products come with easy-peel-off labels to enable recycling of the bottles. These are more expensive but environmentally friendly bottles with lower CO2 emissions to reduce the ecological footprint. In addition, they are packed in sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes to provide protection without using additional packaging material.

In addition, in Korea it is possible to refill the Chasin' Rabbits products in zero-waste shops if you bring your own empty containers. - Hopefully we as Haru Haru can also offer you this service soon. :)

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