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Skin concern - Acne

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* often caused by: heredity, hormones, climate, reaction to certain products, allergies, stress or a damaged moisture barrier

Pimples and acne are the most common skin problem. Often several factors play a role, such as: heredity, hormones, climate and reaction to certain products or a damaged moisture and protective barrier.

In severe cases of acne, always contact a dermatologist.
: Using a whole bunch of (concentrated) acne products all together (unless specifically designed to work as a whole) might often be too much to handle for the skin. Instead, try starting with an essence or serum that treats acne. Essences and serums are more concentrated, thus being more effective, resulting in improvements in the shortest amount of time.


  • for treatment & preventing active acne

azealic acid, bee venom, betaine salicylate, charcoal, clay, ginkgo biloba, glycolic acid, l-ascorbic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, niacinamide, retinoids, tea tree oil

  • for soothing & redness

adenosine, aloe vera, bee venom, donkey milk, ginkgo biloba, honey, nelumbo nucifera, propolis, snail secretion filtrate, willow bark extract, lacto ferments, zinc oxide

  • for scar treatment & prevention

arbutin, astragalus, membranaceus root, azealic acid, betaine salicylate, centella asiatica, chrysanthellum indicum, glycolic acid, l-ascorbic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, licorice root, morus alba/mulberry extract, nelumbo nucifera, niacinamide, snail secretion filtrate, retinoids


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