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Skin type - Sensitive

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Sensitive skin is complicated skin with many different possible causes. Some have sensitive skin at birth, while others may be caused by a medical condition or allergy. A damaged skin barrier (/protective layer) of the skin or a side effect of certain ingredients (such as retinoids) could be the cause.

- thin skin often suffers from visible blood vessels
- turns red quickly/easily
- irritable to environment such as weather, sun, products/ingredients, etc.

Tips: Sensitive skin requires a patient and gentle approach. In this case, avoid skin care products with perfume and alcohol (Denat.) As much as possible. Use gentle and hydrating skin care products and of course sun protection is essential as the sun can make the skin more sensitive. Use mild products suitable for sensitive skin.

Recommended ingredients: aloe vera, betaine, aentella asiatica, ceramide, chamomile, chrysanthellum indicum, cucumber,  green tea, honey, lactobacillus, liquorice, mango seed butter, oatmeal, plant-based oils (argan, olive, sesame...), propolis, shea butter, squalane, willow bark extract, yeast (sacchromyces) ferment

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