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Gift a shower experience.

SHIFT is the premium brand of H201 (the company that invented the Vitamin Shower Essence) and stands for 'shower gift', to gift a nice shower experience. 

On average we spend nine minutes a day of 'me time' in the shower. SHIFT believes that little things in everyday life such as a sensational and enjoyable shower can make our everyday life just a little bit more special.

SHIFT's essences are 100% food grade and uses only allergen-free fragrances, making this the safest vitamin shower filter in the world. Natural essential oils used in SHIFT products are produced by ethnic minorities in the mountainous regions of Laos.

In order to provide fair raw materials, SHIFT started a company to grow Sacha Inchi in collaboration with a social enterprise in Laos. By working with the Laotian community, SHIFT hopes to help residents become economically self-sufficient and can purchase quality raw materials at fair prices and process them as raw materials for the Vitamin Shower Essences.


The SHIFT range consists of:
SHIFT i: Vitamin shower essence in various fragrance available [30 ~ 45 days (family of 4) Volume: 7200L / 180g]
SHIFT i Mini: Shower essence mini, suitable for traveling [7 ~ 15 days (for family of 4) Volume: 2400L / 60g]
SHIFT Head: specially designed shower head
SHIFT Carbon: carbon filter (without essence and fragrance)
SHIFT BLUE BOX: a beautifully packaged gift box consisting of 1 x SHIFT i, SHIFT i Mini, SHIFT shower head


Follow Youtuber WanderJess when she visits the local farmers in Laos together with the SHIFT team:


Haru Haru is the official exclusive distributor for this brand in the Netherlands.

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