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After her many years of work experience as CEO and manager at various renowned Korean cosmetics groups and aesthetic salons and SPAs, CEO Ms. Mikyung Lee established her first brand Troipeel with parent company MK Universal in 2010 and in the same year was awarded the title 'No.1 herbal peeling brand in Korea' . In the following year, the Troiareuke brand was established as the brand for professionals.

MK Universal has attended several Medi/Aesthetics conferences over the years and has also received several awards for their products/brands and as a company. The parent company distributes to professional SPAs and clinics in Korea, but also provides direct training to these specialists to pass on their knowledge.

When in Seoul, don't forget to visit one of the Troiareuke SPAs where you can enjoy a professional treatment with the Troiareuke products.

The Troiareuke's ACSEN line has been specially developed for sensitive skin that suffers from acne and it stands for Acne + Sensitive. This is a professional cosmetics line designed by skin specialists after very long (29 years) studies and developments. The line consists of products that can form a complete skin care routine to gently cleanse and protect the skin.

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