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Not too little, not too much.

Lagom is all about balance and it is the Swedish word for: "just enough, not too much and not too little".

The brand was created in 2015 as a collaboration between 12 renowned skin specialists (doctors, professors and experts) and Korea's top makeup artist Go Won Hye (known for 'water glow', 'honey glow' and 'flawless glow' looks). The Lagom team of experts has many years of experience in skin problems and skin diseases. Scientific research is done on every ingredient and composition of formulas before a product is finally developed for the market, so that it is suitable for people with skin troubles and you would want to give it to your loved ones.

Lagom focuses on developing products that actually provide the skin with moisture and nourishment rather than just giving it the feeling of hydration. They do this by creating products that improves the skin's own ability to retain moisture. Lagom products are created with the idea of ​​providing the skin with maximum hydration. The products of Lagom contain AQUALICIA®, a peptide and a natural 3-in-1 active ingredient that retains water, distributes and reduces moisture loss.

The Lagom products are created with the idea of balance between ➕ and ➖ for the skin. Cellup products will wake up the skin cells for a better moisture supply channel. Cellus removes unnecessary from the skin and adds the necessary power of hydration.

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