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Skin design works.

Celltrion, the parent company behind Hanskin has more than enough knowledge and experience in biotech and biopharmaceuticals throughout the years. This way, many progressive and patented ingredients were created in their own R&D lab.

This means that not only the luxury brands of Celltrion can enjoy these developments, but also the consumer-friendly brand 'Hanskin'.

Hanskin stands for bringing innovative, patented technology and substances to consumers at affordable prices.

Hanskin is by the way also the brand behind the BB creams that we now know. Prior to Hanskin, BB cream was a skin-repairing thick ointment, without coverage, which was used for patients after surgery. Hanskin was able to create a lighter texture and added color to make it suitable for daily use by all skin types.


Haru Haru is the official exclusive distributor for this brand in the Netherlands.

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