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Mask guideline


Type: Deep cleansing mask (clay, charcoal mask) Sheet mask Overnight mask
  Cleanses clogged pores and removes dead skin cells. Gives the skin a quick boost and provides hydration. Provides the skin with intense moisture and nutrition while you sleep.
Function Cleansing, exfoliation Boost, hydratation Intens hydratation and nourishment
Best for: - Oily, combi.
- Clogged pores.
- Flakes of dead skin cells.
- All skin types.
- Suffer from tired, dry, dull, restless skin.
- Dry, dehydrated, mature skin.
- Suffer from dry, dull and tired skin.
Time: 5 ~ 15 min ± 20 min ± 8 hours
  2,3 times a week daily or 2, 3 times a week 2, 3 times a week
Instructions: 1. cleansing
2. mask (wait)
3. rinse off with lukewarm water
4. toner, etc
1. cleansing
2. toner, possibly essence
3. mask (wait)
4. possibly serum and, or moisturizer
1. cleansing
2. toner
3. essence, serum
4. mask (sleep)
5. rinse off with lukewarm water the next morning.
Tips! Use calming and hydrating products afterwards and wear SPF with at least a factor of 30 in the morning. Before this, use a peeling or pore cleansing mask to deeply cleanse the skin and free the face from dead skin cells.

More sheet masking tips
Use on top of a moisturizer for even more hydration if desired.