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Skin type - Dry

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Skin that does not produce enough sebum often cannot create and maintain an effective moisture barrier. This will make the skin feel dry and less supple. The natural moisture barrier also provides protection against harmful microorganisms, UV rays and oxidation. Hence, the lack of a good moisture barrier is clearly bad for the overall condition of the skin and will cause the skin to show signs of aging more quickly.

- after washing, the skin quickly feels dry and tight
- the skin pulls, feels tight and dry
- the skin often looks dull
- more troubled by fine lines

Goal: you want to provide the skin with moisture and retain it so that a good moisture barrier can be formed. To properly seal the moisturisers under the skin, you can safely apply products generously.

Recommended: hydrating toners, facial oils and or paired with other solid moisturizers such as gel cream, cream. Moisturizing masks such as sheet masks and sleeping packs will help provide the skin with moisture and nourishment faster and deeper.

Avoid: cleansers with a high pH value (these will strip the dry skin of oil too much) and other products that are intended for oily skin and/or that suffer from active acne.

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