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Skin type - Dry

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* tight sensation * feels dry * looks dull * signs of fine lines


In case the skin does not produce enough sebum, it will not be able to create an effective moisture barrier, thus leaving the skin dry and less soft. The natural moisture protection barrier also helps against harmful micro organisms, UV rays and the delivery of antioxidants to the skin. The lack of moisture barrier is obviously bad for the skin's overall condition.

- tight sensation of the skin
- skin feels dry
- skin looks dull
- signs and marks of fine lines

: you want to keep the skin moist and hydrated by manually creating a moisture barrier. You may put on products richly onto your skin.

Recommendations: moisturizing toners (lotion), face oils, emulsions, hydrating creams.

Avoid: high Alkaline / high pH (these are made for the oily skin types) cleansers, products that use keywords such as: pores, sebum, oil-free or firming.

Keywords: aqua, bomb (o.a. water bomb), nutrition, rejuvenate, rich, moisture

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