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Saltrain is a young and fresh health and lifestyle brand from Korean premium gray salt manufacturer Beyondi. This is also the reason why premium gray salt is used as the main ingredient for the products of this brand.

Gray salt is also called the top 1% salt because of its high taste quality (receiving 1 star from the International Taste Institute in the "Superior Taste Award" category), rich in minerals, purity, etc. It is a hard-to-harvest type of salt that can only be produced in an environmentally friendly way in small quantities. Gray salt from SALTRAIN is traditionally extracted from the mudflats along the coast of South Korea and is therefore very rich in minerals from the sea and mudflats.

The brand name is a combination of the well-known words: SALT + RAIN.

When the mudflats are rinsed clean after a rain shower, the better quality and smoother salt crystals emerge. These salt crystals are richer in minerals and have a lower sodium content. This is the promise that the Saltrain brand makes to consumers to only make products with the best quality gray salt

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