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Tips for sheet masking

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Tip 1.

Keep the masks normally flat at room temperature so that the mask cloth can absorb the essence well.


Tip 2.

Place the sheet mask in the refrigerator for 2 minutes before use for a cool and calming effect.


Tip 3.

Apply an essence or light serum to the skin befor the sheet mask for extra hydration.


Tip 4.

Use an exfoliator before sheet masking to remove the dead skin cells so that the essence can be better absorbed.


Tip 5.

Use a sheet mask in the morning for a fresh and hydrated look during the day, your makeup will also last longer.


Tip 6.

The piece under the nose is a good indication to see if it is time to remove the mask. As soon as this starts to dry up, it is time, with most of our sheet masks this can be longer than the indicated 15 ~ 20 minutes.


Tip 7.

Massage the cloth on face so that all the bubbles are removed but also pull it smooth and from the chin upwards so that it also creates a lifting effect. (A beauty tool like the Jaderoller or Galvanic Water Peeler from Reclar are ideal on top of a sheet mask.)


Tip 8.

Use the mask cloth afterwards on the rest of your body and keep the remaining essence in the bag for the next morning before your moisturizer. (Put 2 pieces of Pyunkang Yul - 1/3 Cotton Pad in the pouch, so that you can put them under the eyes / cheeks for 5 minutes next morning)



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