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  • [ RECLAR ] Galvanic Water Peeler Gold
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    Galvanic Water Peeler Gold


    Removal of Keratin
      - Uses low-stress ultrasound vibrations (30,000 vibrations per second) to remove keratin, sebum, and blackheads through spattering water.

    Supplies Galvanic Ion nutrients
      - Uses galvanic ions and red light source.
      - Allows cosmetic nutrients to be absorbed deeply into the skin.
      - Effect of red light source: Keeps the skin elastic and smooth. Improves skin troubles.

    Lifting, brightening
      - Uses galvanic action and blue color light source.
      - Increases skin elasticity.
      - Increases brightening effect.
      - Effect of blue light source: Makes the skin healthy and vital.

    How to use PEELING: (5 mins, 3-4 times a week)
    *Removes dead skin cells, sebum, impurities from inside the pores.
    1. Use on wet skin after cleansing with face wash.
    2. Press button to start setting 1 and apply blade onto skin.
    3. Move blade slowly in the directions as shown on the pictures (user manual) to push off the water.

    How to use G-Blue [-]: (5 mins, can be used daily)
    *Pats products into the skin for better absorption and calms the skin.
    1. Apply skin care (ampoule/serum/essence) on the skin.
    2. Press button to start setting 2 and apply blade onto skin.
    3. Move blade slowly in the directions as shown on the pictures (user manual).
    4. G-blue is good for vitamin absorption and can be used with a sheet mask.

    How to use G-Red [+]: (5 mins, can be used daily)
    *Massages your skin while improves skin tone and elasticity.
    1. Apply hydrating / nourishing cream on face.
    2. Press button to start setting 3 and apply blade onto skin.
    3. Move blade slowly in the directions as shown on the pictures (user manual). 

    1. Ultrasonic water peeling
    Low-stress peeling removes sebum, dead skin cells and impurities.
    - Uses low-stress ultrasound vibration for peeling. It pushes out wastes from inside pores.
    - Hypoallergenic peeling and sebum & impurity removal.
    - It removes impurities from pores without irritation through peeling by hypoallergenic ultrasonic vibrations.

    2. Galvanic Ions
    Better absorption of nutrients and has brightening effect. 
    - The galvanic ions injected in the skin penetrate the nutrients from the cosmetics deeply into the skin. It also makes the micro current that flows on the skin surface to brighten darkened pigmentations.

    3. Gold Therapy
    Gold maximizes the effect of galvanic ions and light therapy to achieve a more radiant skin.
    - RECLAR Water Peeler Gold is the only product, among many types of water peeling machines, which applied pure gold (99.9%) plating on the blade.
    - Gold has high electric conductivity and high reflective efficiency of light rays. This allows the pure gold plated blade to maximize the galvanic effect and light therapy effect for a more wonderful skin care.
    - Calming + Brightening + Lifting + Hypoallergenic

    4. Light Therapy
    Relieves the skin and improves its elasticity.
    - Uses galvanic ions and Blue (470nm) & Red (624nm) light (found in the skin) to help tired skin become more strong and healthy.
    - While competitors only use red light, RECLAR also uses blue light : 470 nm, which attacks cells and germs. This is helpful in curing of a.o. seborrheic dermatitis.

    5. Galvanic Indicator
    Allows you to see with your own eyes if galvanic ions are being injected to the skin.

    Box content: RECLAR Water Peeler Gold, USB cable (for charging), waterproof pouch, user's manual (download DutchEnglish version here)
    Size: 170 x 50 x 15,5 mm
    Weight: 90g
    Rate Voltage: DC 5V
    Battery: 3.7V / 420mAh (Li-polymer)
    Charging time: 80 min *
    Using time: 35 min
    Warranty: 2 year (for purchases from 1-1-2020, 1 year for purchases before 1-1-2020.) (please refer to user's manual)
    * The product must be fully charged before the first use.



    CE, KC, 2 type of technical patent, completed clinical trial (lifting, brightening)

    K-BEAUTY 2016 Editor's Choice Award
    2016 Premium Brand Awards
    2017 Hi-Seoul Good Products Award (Innovative brand)
    2018 Brand Stars (Skin care device)


    Haru Haru Beauty is the official distributor and partner of Reclar in The Netherlands.

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    Consult the product packaging for the most complete and updated ingredient list.
    In a nutshell
    170 x 50 x 15,5 mm
    Content / Weight:
    Gold plated blade (99,9% pure gold)
    To use for:
    Peeling, improving absorption, massaging, brightening, strengthening, calming, stimulating
    To use on top / in combination with:
    1. water, toner | 2. serum, sheet mask | 3. moisturizer

    5 stars based on 1 reviews
    Katja 25-10-2020

    Het is echt een aanrader en is zijn geld waard!
    Na de eerste behandeling zag ik al een goed resultaat.
    Mijn poriën zijn schoner geworden. En na een week is mijn huid wel steviger!

    5 stars based on 1 reviews
    About skin types 1. Normal: no obvious skin troubles.
    Tip: it is important to hydrate the skin and lock the moisture.

    2. Dry: small pores, fine lines, flaky skin, pigmentation spots.
    Tip: it is important to hydrate the skin and lock the moisture.

    3. Oily: T zone produces a lot of sebum, suffer from large pores, breakouts.
    Tip: sebum regulation, moisturize and lock moisture.

    4. Combination: U-zone is normal to dry, T-zone is oily.
    Tip: separate the oily areas with other areas. Use different products for the two zones. Also do not unnecessarily touch the oily zones.

    5. Sensitive: the skin is thin, it is easy red and has visible blood veins.
    Tip: use gentle products suitable for sensitive skin.

    6. Dehydrated: the skin barrier is damaged, making the skin sensitive. It suffers from fine lines and acne.
    Tip: use gentle, hydrating essence/serums to promote skin recovery.