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Recycle & upcycle

In general, textiles, glass, paper and plastic are recyclable. But we can make the process easier by properly separating the waste from home. We recommend checking out the below before emptying your favorite skin care or hair care product the next time.

Paper/cardboard box packaging (also Haru Haru shipping box and Haru Haru paper bag) : discard with paper
Empty glass bottles, jars (without cap and lid) : throw away with glass
Empty plastic packaging (tubes, sheet mask packaging) : deposit with plastic waste or residual waste
Full or half-full jars : throw it with the cap/lid close to the residual waste or go for upcycling.



Upcycle can give an object a second life, think of the following examples:

Old creams: if the cream is just not good enough to apply to the face, you may want to give it a second life to moisturize your hands or body. If you prefer not to do this, the leather sofa or bags at home can still like this. ;)

Old facial cleanser: can it no longer be used for the face? Maybe you can still use it for cleaning hands. :)


∞ Empty (cream) jars:
1. Use it to store small trinkets and/or jewelry.
2. Use it as a beautiful home for your small (succulent) plants.
3. Large containers can be used as storage for DIY toner pads by soaking several cotton pads with toner in them.

∞ Empty spray bottle:
1. Fill small bottles with moisturizing, soothing toner or essence (don't forget to use a lightweight, watery texture) so you have a facial (and hair) mist on the go.
2. Fill it with water to water house plants or to spray your clothes while ironing.
3. Fill it with sanitizing solutions such as rubbing alcohol for easy surface sterilization.

∞ Empty pump bottle:
1. Ideal when you don't have a lot of space for your skin care and/or shower gel and shampoo while traveling.
2. Fill it with hand sanitizer or hand soap to clean hands on the go.
3. Fill it with a moisturizer/body lotion or hand cream to moisturize hands on the go.

∞ Empty (serum) bottle with dropper:
1. Fill it with your favorite hair oil and use the dropper to target directly on your scalp and ends.
2. Use the dropper to water small house plants.