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Rated Green

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"Redefine Natural Haircare"

Rated Green has more than 15 years of professional experience and enthusiasm as a distributor of hair care in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2018, the first line of Rated Green was proudly launched on the market through several well-known drugstores such as Lalavla and Chicor in South Korea.

The unique Rated Green brand concept was born out of a genuine concern about the most fundamental aspects of a product, eliminating misconceptions and market stereotypes.

All ingredients and formulas have been carefully validated and tested for the best safety and effectiveness by the best teams in the beauty industry. Together they worked from product planning to production, storage and distribution to manage the process professionally and reliably.

Rated Green uses organic ingredients that have been certified by Ecocert for the main ingredient through the low temperature refining method called 'cold press' or 'cold brew'. Long-term extraction method at low temperature offers the possibility to minimize the loss of nutrients during the extraction process so that the most primitive nutrients and effects of the extract can be stored. This concept is being implemented by Rated Green as the first in Korea and also in the overseas market in all their products.

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