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Open and closed pores

Pores: on our skin they are tubular openings that belong to a sweat gland or sebaceous gland and can release a fatty substance (sebum).

MYTH: "Pores will open due to the steam from a hot shower or bath and can therefore be better cleansed."
FACT: "A pore is always open and cannot open and close, however, it can be clogged, making it appear larger. So you can't open or close them!"

Pores are just small openings on the skin and have no muscles to move. This means that they are always open, regardless of the temperature.

However, a pore can appear larger due to the lack of elasticity on our skin and when a pore becomes clogged, making blackheads visible.

Steaming may not open the pore, but it will soften the debris in it, making it easier to be extracted so that it is easier to clean the clogged pore and ultimately making the pore less visible. That is why it is often recommended to clean the pores after a hot shower / bath.