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Routine quiz

We have made this test for you to get a better picture of your current routine at home and therefore to select your next product more easily. So grab a pen quickly and take notes to discover more about your skin ^__^


To make this test you will need:

✔︎ A screen with the following quiz questions.
✔︎ Pen and paper are optional to write your notes.


1. My current daily routine already consists of cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sun protection.

Please continue to 2.

Start with the basics by starting to clean the skin, prepare, moisturize and protect it everyday.

Cleanser | Toner | Moisturizer | SPF

2. I am happy with my current products, but I would like to see more improving results
Add products to your routine with more active ingredients, such as essence, serum, and ampoule.


If you think that the current products do not meet your needs, try to gradually replace the products that you are not satisfied with to find out if it was indeed that product or something else.

Please continue to 3.

3. I already use an essence / serum / ampoule in my daily routine, but still notice no improvement in teint / texture.
Check whether you are using the products correctly. Do they complement each other or are there ingredients that repel each other?

E.g. too many AHA's, BHA's and too much exfoliation in a routine can possibly damage the skin barrier and thus make the complexion dull.

Also note that a vitamin C serum often is more effective if you apply it after a pH toner and let it absorb for about 10 minutes before you continue with another product.

Please continue to 4.

Try to find a suitable product under the treatment / boost family because these products are full of active ingredients that are meant to nourish and improve the skin.

Because of their high concentration, these products also work many times faster and more effectively than a cream for example.

Essence | Serum | Ampoule

4. I still don't see any skin improvements even though I am following all the steps above.
Be patient, skin improvement needs a period of at least 28 days. If your routine is already past this period and you notice small differences, continue for 2 ~ 3 months.

Are you already past a period of 6 months or more further and you still don't notice any difference? Then check whether you are using the right products for your skin type / concern.

Often a dehydrated skin is confused with oily or combination skin, this often leads to selecting products that are meant for oily skin, which will dehydrate and damaged the dehydrated skin instead of hydrating it.

To ensure that the nutrients can be properly absorbed by the skin, it is advisable to give the skin a helping hand.

You can do this by removing the dead skin cells that stick to the new skin. We call this process exfoliation and ensure that the new, soft and radiant skin appears. In addition, daily double-cleaning will ensure that problems do not build up as quickly on the skin (think of blackheads, acne).

Oil-based cleanser/Makeup-remover | Exfoliator

Please continue to 5.

5. I have little concerns, but I notice that my skin needs some extra's once a while.
For such moments, masks are ideal to instantly boost the skin.

An exfoliating mask leaves the skin refreshed and clean after use.

A sheet mask gives an instant hydrated, calmed and glowy result.

And with a sleep mask you wake up effortlessly the next morning, radiant and recovered.

Also don't forget to take good care of the skin around the eyes to prevent fine lines and dark circles!

Exfoliating mask | Sheet mask | Sleepingpack | Eye care

Congratulations! You probably already have a routine that you are very happy with. What you want now is probably to be ahead of and to prevent skin troubles. Therefore, keep a close eye on your skin, because it can change due to various factors. So adjust your routine accordingly.

And don't forget to protect your skin daily against the harmful rays of the sun. Otherwise you will always run after the problems instead of preventing them.

Daily care and protection is important and make sure the skin stays hydrated. ^__^





| Water based cleanser > Toner > Moisturizer > SPF

Basic skin improvement | Double-cleansing > Toner > Treatment > Moisturizer > SPF
Advanced skin improvement | Double-cleansing > Exfoliator > Toner > Eye care > Treatment > Moisturizer > SPF

Basic hydration | Double-cleansing > Toner > Sheet maskTreatment > Moisturizer > SPF
Advanced hydratation & anti-agingDouble-cleansing > Exfoliator > Toner > Eye care > Sheet mask > Treatment > Moisturizer > SPF & Sleepingpack