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Skin type - Sensitive

* Irritable, itchy, get irritated fast * thin skin * becomes easily red * blood vessels are visible


A sensitive skin is a bit more complicated due to many different reasons: natural sensitivity, medical side effects, allergies, damaged moist barrier or skin, side effects from ingredients (such as Reinoids) etc.

Tips: A sensitive skin calls for a gentle and patient approach. Avoid skin care products that use perfume and alcohol. Instead use gentle, hydrating products and of course UV protection is also essential. 

Recommended ingredients: aloe vera, betaine, ceramide, chamomile, chrysanthellum indicum, cnidium officinale, cocoa butter, cucumber, donkey milk, goat milk, green tea, honey, lactobacillys, mango seed butter, oatmeal, plant-based carrier oils (o.a. argan, olive, sesame, etc.), propolis, shea butter, squalane, willow bark extract, yeast (sacchromyces) ferment

Keywords: sensitive, gentle, calming, soothing

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