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Skin type - Oily

* shiny * large pores * acne, pimples and black/whiteheads


An overproduction of sebum causes the skin to shine and feel oily. Although our sebum/oil creates a natural protection barrier and helps against aging, an overproducting may cause blemishes, pimples and other problems.

- shiny skin, specially at the end of the day
- large pores
- acne, pimples and black/whiteheads

Goals: hydration is imperative, but some of the heavier products may worsen the skin condition since it will leave a heavy feeling and clogged pores. Focus on the use of humectants. Humectants hydrate the skin without the oily after effect. It is also recommended to apply products in thin layers.

Recommendations: refreshing and hydrating toners, light emulsions, gel-like creams, pore serums and clay or charcoal masks.

Avoid: heavy face oils and creams

Keywords: balancing, oil-free, pore

Beauty Class: Oil control: the reason why your face gets shiny

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