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Skin type - Combination

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* visible differences between T-zone and U-zone * T-zone: enlarged pores, shine often have pimples, black/whiteheads * U-zone: dry, often reddish and flakey

A combination skin is greasy/oily on some parts and dry on the other. Usually it is oily on the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose) and dry on the U-zone (cheeks and chin). Whereas normal skin has little to no differences between the zones, a combination skin has the opposite.

- visible differences between oily and dehydrated zones
- large or enlarged pores in the oily zones
- oily zones often have pimples, black and whiteheads
- dry zones are often reddish and flakey

Goals: you may want to keep your dry areas moisturized, while keep the shine away on the oily zones. Apply moisturizing and softening face oils or emulsions on the dry zones. Use pore related products (tightening, sebum control) on the T-zone.

Recommendations: refreshing or hydrating toners (lotion), first essences, serum (sheet masks) or ampoules (rich in antioxidants), light emulsions or face oils. Try to use different products for your dry and oily zones. 

Avoid: products that are too heavy for the oily zones and products that are hydrating insufficient on the dry spots. Again, try to use different (specialized) products for the different type of zones on your face.

Keywords: combination, balancing, aqua, hydrating

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