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1. Cleansing

*Last update on 25 July 2017

You might have come across the Korean 10-steps routine while you were researching on Korean trends, Korean beauty secrets, etc. It probably have shocked you, and when you looked at the steps it probably confused you even more.

But we think that once you get the idea behind all these steps, you will find it much more logic and thus more easier to apply it to your own routine. That is why Haru has decoded them and simplified these steps.




1. Makeup remover

2. Water based cleanser

3. Exfoliator

1. Cleansing

To remove make up, sunscreen, dirt, blackheads and dead skin cells.

4. Toner

2. Preparing

Balances pH-level, double cleanses left-over dirt + face wash, moisturizes + prepares your skin for the steps to follow.

5. Eye cream

3. Eye care

Thinner than regular face creams, to target gentle areas around your eyes, reduces dark circles and wrinkles.

6. Essence, Serum

7. Ampoule

8. Sheet mask

4. Treatment / Boost

High concentration products to target & treat different concerns such as acne, dehydration, dull, pigmentation, fine lines, etc.

9. Moisturizer

5. Moisturizing

To seal in all the good stuff that you have just put on your face.

10. SPFspot treatmentsleeping mask

6. Special care

- day
- night

DAY - sun protection: Most effective step in the morning since it helps your skin to defense against all the harms from the sun 

NIGHT - spot treatment + sleeping packs: The cells in your body repairs themselves at night during your sleep, hence makes this the best moment to see maximum benefit of your (hydrating) products.


Step 1 Clean canvas - cleansing

Picture your face as a canvas. Like most artists, you want to start your routine with a clean canvas. Before all, it is necessary to remove all the dirt before you start out with your skincare routine. 


Everyday our skin gets in contact with dust, sunscreen, makeup, and many other pollutants, especially those living in urban areas. Once a while you might want to cleanse your skin throughly by removing all the dirt, dead skin cells  and blackheads that has been clogging up your pores.


Make up remover [SHOP HERE]

[first step right after coming back home every night]

Start with removing all the make up and dirt (pollution and dust) that has been sitting on your face during the day.

An oil based make up remover is perfect to remove oil based make up and for oily skin types. 

Enature makeup remover balmKlairs cleansing oil makeup remover

Water based cleanser [SHOP HERE]

 [to start your everyday morning and night routine]

To remove the dirt and the make up residue on your skin. 

Lather the products on the palms of your hands and gentle massage it on your face in circular movements. Rinse off with lukewarm water, or better, with cold water to wake up your cells.

benton honest foam cleanserEnature water based cleanser

Deep cleansing exfoliator [SHOP HERE]


[1, 2 or 3 times a week after cleansing]

Exfoliation removes build up layers of dirt, dead skin cells, sebum and flakes that has been settling in your pores by. It promotes cell renewal which gives you a brighter skin and takes care of fine lines. 

Never overdo it, such as hard scrubbing / rubbing. This can cause your skin to break out and even to age faster.


klairs black sugar scrub exfoliator masker

Skin improvement is being patient! It is important to give a new skin care routine/product a trial period of at least 1 month since your skin will renew its cells each 28 days. In case you notice (a small) dfference, please try another 2-3 months.

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