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PACK AGE - Float Mask Bundle

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The FLOAT Mask Bundle contains:

8 x EVERYDAY BOUNCY Facial Mask (€2,49) [link]
This lightweight mask sheet in a playful illustrated package contains honey, propolis, hyaluronic acid and Galactomyces fermented filtrate to intensely moisturize your face to provide it with a healthy glow and bouncy skin right after use.

8 x MELT ME SOFTLY Nose Pack (€1,00) [link]
Melt the blackheads and sebum on your nose. This nose strip contains lemon and herb extracts. Its's gentle and moisturizing to the skin. Removing blackheads on the nose painlessly and effectively, while the nose is hydrated.

1 x MONTHLY NEW FEET Foot Exfoliating Mask (€3,50) [link]
We all know how annoying dry flakes on our feet can be (which are often difficult to remove) . Orange oil extract is an excellent peeling to the dead skin cells on your feet, it make them baby soft again.

The products are free of: Paraben / Fragrance / Alcohol / Pigment / PEG / Phenoxy Ethanol / Silicone / Mineral oils.

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