20 shocking facts of ageing

20 shocking facts of ageing

Are you afraid of you skin aging soon? Or do you rather not think about this at the moment? Either way, it's useful to take into account the facts so that you have it in your mind in case of ...

# 1. 25 years ... Congratulations!! Your first wrinkle is already on its way.


# 2. So you like to spend some times in a Solarium for a "healthy" tan? Research shows that more than 68% of users tend to have the feeling that their skin is indeed aging sooner.


# 3. Do you smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day? Remember that 1 cigarette equals to 10 years. Compared with non smokers, your skin will have much more visible and deeper wrinkles.


# 4. Do you often caught yourself to frowning and squeezing your eyes? Excess of these movements, will change fine lines into wrinkles.


# 5. Age spots are actually spots caused by sunburn. They have much more to do with the sun rather than age.


# 6. If you go to bed with a naked face each evening, you miss out the best time to take care of your skin. While you are sleeping, the cells in your body are still working hard to defend themselves.


# 7. Do you think that fresh, natural DIY vegetable / fruit masks are best for your skin? WRONG! Vegetables and fruits contain high concentrations of organic acids. In direct contact with the skin, this may irritate the skin. It might cause the skin to be roughened and age faster.


# 8. The use of contradictory ingredients can sometimes lead to irritated skin because the components differ too much and work contradictory. Therefore, take good care of the ingredients list if you use different brands.


# 9. Excessive usage of mist sprays can cause moisture particles valorize on the skin. This results in dry fine lines.


# 10. Are you a sweet tooth? Beware, sugar enters the body through a glycosylation process. This is the culprit of discoloration and hardening of the skin.


# 11. As we age, weight will play a role in the relaxation of the skin.


# 12. Side sleepers have more risk of getting wrinkles on the cheek and chin. Do you also like to sleep with your face downwards on the pillow? Then you will have the risk of wrinkles forming on the forehead.


# 13. Our hands are always exposed to the outside world, so it's important to protect your hands properly with hand creams.


# 14. Do not diligently wash your face. If you wash your face more than twice a day you could remove the good oils from your skin, which causes your skin to lose moisture.


# 15. Vitamin C is good stuff! It is effective in defending against UV radiation. UV rays comes from the sun and can be directly linked to skin cancer. Although vitamins are very common, they have been scientifically proven to be excellent antioxidants.


# 16. Protect yourself properly with sun protection. People who protect themselves well against the sun on daily bases have 24% less chance of early aging compared to others.


# 17. Are luxury skin care products by all means better / more suitable? NO! Each skin differs, it varies per person, incorrect selection can cause skin irritation and / or allergy. So get to know more about your skin and learn about the keywords, ingredients that are suited for your skin type. 


# 18. Drink in moderation carbonated soft drinks. These have a high concentration of phosphate, which will make the skin age sooner.


# 19. Do you have a slight addiction for blotting papers (/ oil-absorbing papers)? Beware! Because a thin layer of oil on the skin works just like a natural protective layer.


# 20. SORRY ... you're not a teen anymore. The free radicals demanded their toll on your skin, and although it was not visible at first, it slowly forms bit by bit.



So start with preserving your youth at an early age (around 25)! It's easier to prevent rather than to fight. -- But it is never to late to battle ;)


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